Swiss Army Mixer (Coming Soon)


A versatile utility module suitable for audio and/or CV.  Four variable gain inputs lead to various mix and submix outputs. By plugging into an “out” jack, that channel gets pulled from the mix and serves as a handy standalone attenuator.  Use the AC coupled “aux” input to bring external synthesizers and samplers into the mix. “-A + B” is a submix output where channel A is inverted. “-C + D” is a submix output where channel C is inverted. The “mixer output” is a low noise summation of all five inputs.

  • AUX input has a fixed gain of 3.3
  • Linear response potentiometers
  • No phase inversion at final mixer output
  • No capacitors in the signal path (except for aux input)
  • 8hp
  • –mA @ +12V
  • –mA @ -12V


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Weight10 oz