Loafers is four independent LFOs with rudimentary voltage control. Each LFO has three simultaneous outputs: triangle (+/-2.5V), square (+/-2.5V), and clock (0-6V). The “skew” control varies the shape of the triangle wave into a positive or negative going ramp, and varies the pulse width of the square and clock. The minimum frequency  is roughly 0.008Hz (~ 2 minutes) and the maximum is >40Hz.

Each LFO has a CV input which crudely controls the rate of the LFO. By adding positive voltage, the speed of the LFO increases. And by subtracting voltage, the internal capacitor charges slower and the LFO slows down. Depending on the speed of the LFO, and depending on the amplitude of injected CV signals, it is very possible to “override” the CV inputs and cause the LFO to predictably stall out. In this manner, the CV ins are used more as gated inputs to turn the LFOs on or off. Likewise, they can be manipulated as a sort of soft-sync, or coaxed into quasi-envelope shapes by balancing the rise and fall time until the LFO settles and stalls. Experimentation is a fun and rewarding part of using the Loafers.

  • Width 12hp
  • Depth 22mm
  • 45mA @ +12V
  • 20mA @ -12V

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